I have at my home a smoke detector that is 27 years old. Would it have been possible for the alpha recoil to have caused the seal over the radiation to break down over time as I read online this could happen. I worry that if the seal broken then the americium could have leaked out. Also, after 27 years would the americium sample need a leak test?

I had read this about a 1970's detector on an internet q&a site: question & answer.

It really worried me so much. Basically they were saying that the yellow colour of the dust around the ionisation chamber vents was caused by the gold seal around the Americium source being destroyed by alpha recoil or else the Americium ions being a yellow colour and the Americium leaking out or they even suggested decayed Neptunium could have been the cause. However you have never seen this alpha recoil happen in a smoke detector with less radiation like mine and I also thought maybe because my smoke detector was so old that the seal around the source could have leaked. Can age cause the seal around the source to be destroyed more by alpha recoil? Is there any visible way of knowing that the smoke detector isn't leaking- ie colour of the dust (it was grey/brown in mine)? I worry as I was cleaning the inside of the detector when changing the battery and was touching the ionisation chamber?
Can the dangerous radiation escape the chamber vents? Would it be easy for any decay product to exit the chamber vents? In the worst case scenario, if the dust falling was from americium/neptunium etc and it went into my eye and hence could have been inhaled when falling is that dangerous to the lungs. I ask as I read online that it is very dangerous to inhale Americium as it settles in the lungs. This is the reason I was so concerned about the dust leakage? I am sorry I ask so many questions, I will not bother you again but I have latched onto this smoke detector issue as I have anxiety issues and I appreciate so much your valued time.